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Ivan Zubkovsky

Ivan Zubkovsky
Honorary Citizen of the Mirgorod


Zubkovsky Ivan Andreyevich
(25.11.1848 – 05.12.1933)

Ivan Andreyevich Zubkovsky born November 25, 1848 in the Erki village of Mirgorod county, in the family priest.

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Imperial University of St. Vladimir before the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. A graduate of the Medical Faculty was in order Caucasus District Military Medical Inspector. A year later received a high award - the Order of the officer Stanislav III Class with Swords. After the war he studied at the St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy.

In 1879-1883 he worked as a country doctor in Mirgorod. He enjoyed the respect and authority among residents of Mirgorod.

Some time Zubkovsky Ivan worked in Riga military hospital, and from 1897 he worked in Kremenchug military hospital. Received the rank Major-General. In 1911 he retired and settled in Mirgorod.

From 1914 to 1916 Ivan Zubkovsky was Mayor of Mirgorod.

As Mayor Ivan Andreyevich did much to develop the city. He tidied mineral spring water and later resort.

In 1916 Ivan Zubkovsky for health reasons, resigned from the post of mayor and devoted himself entirely to the organization of the resort. He arranged a small hydropathical. The first treatment season lasted Mirgorod from April 28 to September 1, 1917. Treatment then passed 585 patients.

Ivan Zubkovsky died December 5, 1933 in Mirgorod. He was buried at Troitsk Cemetery.

27 session of the Mirgorod Council on November 19, 2008 Ivan Andreyevich Zubkovsky awarded the title of «Honorary Citizen of Mirgorod».

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