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Ivan Ignatenko

Ivan Ignatenko
Honorary Citizen of the Mirgorod


Ignatenko Ivan Yevseyevich
(22.06.1914 – 09.11.1988)

Ivan Ignatenko born 22.06.1914 in the Pasitsely village of Odessa province into a farming family.

He studied at the parochial school. In 1931, Ivan entered the Ananyevsky Cooperative College of Cooperative Education.

November 5, 1936 Ivan Ignatenko was drafted into the Red Army. From the first days of the Great Patriotic War, he served in the army at the front. Fought at Northwestern front (1941-42) and South front(1942-45). For heroism and courage during the Great Patriotic War, was awarded the Order of the Red Star and many medals.

After the war he served in the air defense forces of the Southwestern District. June 10, 1947 Ivan discharged as a captain.

From 1947 to 1952 he worked as a chief accountant and director of Rest houses «Beregvar» in Mukachevo.

From 1952 he was director of Rest houses «Avanguard» in Nemiroff.

From 1963 to 1984 Ivan Ignatenko was director of «Mirgorod» resort .

It is at this time there is one of the most unique resort development periods.

Under his leadership, the resort, in close cooperation with the party leadership of the Mirgorod has been cleared and expanded riverbed Khorol. Were built pedestrian and vehicular bridges across the river Khorol, medical beach, boat station, spa therapeutic mud bath, sanatorium «Berezovy Gai» (Birch Grove), sanatorium «Khorol», Palace of Culture, sanatorium «Mirgorod», sanatorium «Poltava», central bjuvet.

Were built houses for employees of the resort, hostel, utility and green farming, summer theater, kindergarten, and many other critical infrastructure.

Under the leadership of Ivan Ignatenko resort acquired modern feel, became famous health resort.

For selfless labor Ivan Ignatenko has been awarded many prizes, among them - the Order of the October Revolution, Order of the Red Banner of Labor, numerous diplomas and awards.

One of the streets Mirgorod near the resort, named after Ivan Ignatenko. His name is on the books and references for Balneology.

25th session of the Mirgorod Council on January 12, 2005 Ivan Ignatenko awarded the title of «Honorary Citizen of Mirgorod».

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