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Vasily Radko

Vasily Radko
Honorary Citizen of the Mirgorod


Radko Vasily Dmitriyevich
(23.01.1927 – 13.05.2005)

Vasily Radko born January 23, 1927 in Rozbyshevka village of Poltava region into a farming family.

He began his career accountant tractor brigade Veneslavovskoy machine-tractor stations. Worked at a local farm «Novaya Zhizn'». После окончания Гадячского педагогического училища был на комсомольской работе в Петровско-Роменском (теперь в составе Гадячского) районе.

In 1958 he graduated from the Kharkov interregional Higher Party School and was sent to work in the Mirgorod party district committee.

Since 1965 and until his retirement in 1987, Vasily Radko was the first secretary of Mirgorod District Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine.

This was the period of the present prosperity of the Mirgorod. In 1973 was built the village building factory, in 1975 was built a new mineral water plant, in 1980 was built health-resort of Ministry of Interior. In 1981 was built health-resort of Southern Railway.

Were built pedestrian and vehicular bridges across the river Khorol, medical beach, boat station, spa therapeutic mud bath, sanatorium «Berezovy Gai» (Birch Grove), sanatorium «Khorol», Palace of Culture, sanatorium «Mirgorod» sanatorium «Poltava», central bjuvet.

In 1983 was built the Cheese Factory. Under the leadership of Vasily Radko was built new school premises and modern houses, cultural, educational, municipal, commercial and other institutions. Mirgorod became comfortable accommodations, modern town.

For significant contribution to the development of the region, inspired and dedicated work Vasily Radko awarded the Order of the October Revolution, two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, medals, diplomas and gratitude..

Vasily Radko died May 13, 2005.

25th session of the Mirgorod Council on January 12, 2005 Vasily Radko awarded the title of «Honorary Citizen of Mirgorod».

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