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Alexander Pautov

Alexander Pautov
Honorary Citizen of the Mirgorod

Pautov Alexander Borisovich

Alexander Pautov born August 4, 1951 in Khorol' town of the Primorye Territory in the military pilot family. His mother was a school teacher. Alexander graduated from high school in Mirgorod.

He studied at the Civil Engineering Institute in Poltava, he received his degree - Civil Engineer. In 1968 he began his career working bakery Myrgorod. Alexander Worked as the master, foreman, head of construction management at many construction sites. He built houses, industrial facilities and social facilities in Poltava region, Sumy and the Tyumen regions.

from 2000 to 2010 Alexander Pautov was Mayor Mirgorod.

During this period, were commissioned unfinished building (that has been under construction for too long). Were also obtained high rates of housing construction. Service has been launched in urban passenger transport. The comfortable public transport stops for passengers were built. Separated method of harvesting of municipal solid waste was introduced. All the streets were provided street lighting. Were introduced innovative projects aimed at modernizing municipal sphere.

In May 2008, together with the firm "Ur-Aqua" opened the town's first (second in Ukraine) treatment plant tap water up to international quality standards. Msrgorod consistently won prizes in the National competition "Settlement best improvement and support of public order."

Under the leadership of Alexander Pautov the town have appeared in Chernobyl Heroes Square, Cossack Glory Square, Memorial to the victims of famines (Holodomor) in Ukraine, walkway with Gogol's heroes sculptures. Also was updated Eternal Flame Memorial and Square of Glory. Monument to Nikolai Gogol was built, also the monument to Mirgorod's Cossacks and monument to V. Borovikovsky was built. Bell tower was built in the Square of Heroes of Chernobyl and chapel at the cemetery was built on the street Khorolska. The building of center of aesthetic education was renovated, The Culture and Leisure center in the Lychanka was renovated, The Library named after D. Guramishvili, the museum of local lore and the museum of David Guramishvili was renovated also. The Sports School for Children and Youth was reconstructed, The central Square of the Mirgorod was reconstructed on it were built fountains.

Town Council under the leadership of Alexander Pautov worked on a program for granting the status of the resort of national importance for Mirgorod.

Mayor paid much attention to the development of culture and sport in the town. The town has become a tradition to hold a festival of modern Ukrainian romance «Autumn Rendezvous», Ukrainian tournament in Greco-Roman wrestling in memory of Ivan Zubkovsky, International Chess Tournament, Ukrainian tournament on equestrian sport.

During the work on the post of the mayor Alexander Pautov awarded honorary awards. Among the awards have Pautova Order Venerable Nestor the Chronicler and the Order of «Cossack glory» II degree. In 2008, Alexander Pautov awarded the honorary title «Honored Builder of Ukraine».

4th session of the Mirgorod Council on December 15, 2010 Alexander Pautov awarded the title of «Honorary Citizen of Mirgorod».

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