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Sanatorium Khorol

Sanatorium Khorol

Sanatorium "Khorol" buried in the verdure of birches and pines on the picturesque bank of the Khorol River. It is open all the year round.


Single and double rooms with all modern conveniences, de luxe rooms.

Treatment profile:

diseases of digestion organs, locomotive and peripheral nervous systems, women's venereal diseases, diabetes. The Sanatorium Resort Complex is complete with rehabilitation departments for treating people after infarct and gall bladder operation as well as people with cerebral-vascular pathology. There are also health-improvement departments for people who took part in the liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. The major curative factors are Myrhorod mineral water, diet, peat- and electncity-and-mud treatment, various methods of apparatus physiotherapy, physiotherapy exercises, and climate treatment.

Sanatorium Khorol.
Sanatorium Khorol


a full set of treatment services is delivered at the att-resort waier-and-mud hospital and diagnosis centre which includes a clinical, biochemical, bacteriological and immunological laboratories, the rooms of duodenal intubation, Ph-metering, gastroscopy, thermography, ultraviolet probing, radiological control, and reovazography. The Sanatorium Resort Complex offers consultations of experienced doctors: eye specialist, neuropathologist, ear specialist, dermatologist, gynecologist, surgeon, and urologist.

The Sanatoria have a significant treatment and diagnosis basis: a gymnasium for physiotherapy exercises and mechanic therapy, as well as physiotherapy, acupuncture, curative massage, inhalation, therapeutic dentistry, pneumomassage, and speleotherapy rooms, prosthetic dentistry laboratories.

Sanatorium Khorol.


the Palace of Culture, a curative beach and a boat station, hairdresser's and barber's, a post office and intercity telephone communication, a branch of a savings bank, a billiards room, a sauna, and a beauty parlour.

Sanatorium Khorol.

Head doctor -
Nataly Kopyak - tel. +38(05355) 5-30-05

Registry - tel. +38 (05355) 5-21-87

Marketing departments - tel. +38 (05355) 5-52-69