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Prices for Vouchers to the «Berezovyi Hai» Sanatorium

Please find below the Price for Services of Berezovyi Hai Sanatorium.
Price is ALL INCLUSIVE for 1 person per night (24 hours) for FOREIGNERS (except for newcomers from the post-soviet republics)

The Order vouchers by phone: +38 05355 5-21-25
Kyiv office: +38 044 48-38-000

Room Type Price,
Single 1-room, 1 person Single STD Improved 70
Single 1-room, 1 person Single STD Improved+ 80
Single 1-room, 2 persons Standart 60
Single 1-room, 2 persons Standart+ Improved 65
Suite 2-rooms, 2 persons LDX DeLuxe Superior 75
Suite 2-rooms, 2 persons DeLuxe A Improved 85
Suite 2-rooms, 2 persons DeLuxe A Superior, doubled comfort 100
Single 1-room, 1 person DeLuxe С Standard 105
Suite 2-rooms, 1 person DeLuxe D Improved 130

Order vouchers online to Berezovyi Hai Sanatorium

Order vouchers Online must be done no later than 14 days prior to arrival.

Less than 14 days, the order is executed: the contracts by bank transfer phone +38 05355 5-21-25, for cash phone +38 05355 5-52-69.

At your request will be sent an invoice, you will need to pay proltyahom 3 business days.